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ABOUT 09!90

Oh Nine! Ninety is an eco-conscious bodycare brand based in Cross River State, Nigeria. We offer handmade, natural bodycare products with a focus not just on the product's positive effects on the buyer, but also on it's overall effect on our natural environment. Have a look on here to learn what we represent, what is most important to us, and why you should support Oh Nine! Ninety.



Possibly the biggest part of our brand is our insistence on plastic-free packaging. This is an effort to reduce plastic waste, and promote a zero-waste lifestyle among our clients. We pick paper over plastic as it is more easily biodegradable, less of a pollutant and more sustainable; we also promote the use of recyclable materials like glass or metals as packaging or product containers.

It is not always smooth sailing. As of now, because of cost, being an SME, our ethical incline limits the range of products we can have for sale, but this is a challenge we are eager to face and overcome. We are only just starting, and are entirely enthusiastic about breaking new ground as far as innovation and creativity in ethical cosmetic product packaging in Nigeria goes.


Oh Nine! Ninety is a guaranteed Made in Nigeria brand. We are based in Cross River State, Nigeria, and try to source as many of our raw materials from here as we can. We are proud of it and celebrate being a Nigerian brand every chance we get: we make high quality Nigerian products that promote environmental awareness and gentle, natural skincare.


We predominantly use plant-based natural ingredients in our formulations; with our inorganic components making up less than 1% of our overall formulations. Examples of inorganic components usually found in our products are the clays and natural oxides we use in colouring, and even salt which can provide great exfoliating properties in our bars of soap.


There are absolutely no products of ours we have made any effort to preserve, neither with natural preservatives or otherwise. We instead opt for fresh ingredients that have long shelf lives. In addition, we don't sell anything that is "going off" or that would have an adverse effect on your health because of being past its prime. With us, you are able to enjoy the freshness of very innovative natural formulations that provide the best care for your skin there is.


Oh Nine! Ninety formulates its products with a primary goal: "to make them as gentle and mild as possible".

Nobody wants to use a product that will make them worse over time, cause damage to their skin and health; or reduce their overall quality of life in the long run.

We only use fresh, safe ingredients.

We stay away from all ingredients commonly known to cause irritation and adverse reactions when used ordinarily.

We properly label our products to make sure nobody with allergies or prone to negative reactions is misinformed about the content of the product. We give legible and thorough use instructions, to ensure they are not mistaken for something they are not, and are all used in the advisable way. In the event of an adverse reaction to a product, please stop use immediately.

We constantly test our products on a range of people with differing skin needs to get feedback, and to improve the quality of our products; ensuring that when you receive it, it is the highest quality it can be for your use. We are always willing to receive feedback on products from clients after purchase, to improve our quality. There is nothing more important to us than providing a product that is exactly what our clients are looking for, so please do not hesitate to give feedback.

Oh Nine! Ninety is a natural bodycare brand; and we are true minimalists at heart. We strongly believe in "No fuss" cosmetics and skincare, and we keep all our ingredients and formulations 99.9% Organic, and very Natural. A lot of commercial products contain too many ingredients that serve no reasonable skincare benefits, but Oh Nine! Ninety creates fun, beautiful products that serve their purpose with excellence, and contain ingredients that only function to fulfil our promises to our clients, and to promote the overall brand ethos.

When you support Oh Nine! Ninety, you don't only support eco-consciousness and eco-friendly living; but you also support the use of natural skincare products that are exceptionally kind to you.




Oh Nine! Ninety products are handmade in small batches and this affords us the luxury to customize them a lot through design and ingredients. So, because of this, we are able to add a personal touch to all our products, in turn making them very unique to our buyers.
Also, seeing as we are never produce large "factory-style" batches at a time, better care can be taken with the overall making process. We watch production more closely, control the process better, and we also can ensure the quality of our products are higher because of this control. Small batch production can be labour intensive, but for the higher quality and personal touch, it is always worth the time, and definitely everything you deserve.


Oh Nine! Ninety is a 100% female-run business, purposefully promoting female enterprise and empowerment in Nigeria, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same too. Don't get us wrong, we buy from and receive a lot of help and assistance from all genders, but we are proud of the fact that the business is owned and run primarily by women.


Being environmentally friendly is at the heart of Oh Nine! Ninety. Here are a few of the reasons we are Nigeria's #1 Eco-friendly cosmetics brand:

  • We only use plastic-free packaging.

  • We only use guaranteed "locally sourced and sustainable Palm Oil".

  • We source locally for all ingredients first before any alternative, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

  • We formulate simple, natural and effective "low fuss", low-impact products; and that means we don't make products that add needless pollutants into the environment and human skin.

As of October 2018, all our new products now only use ECOglitter, meaning no plastic in water supplies anymore... not from us anyway.


Oh Nine! Ninety sources locally for all its raw materials before opting for anything else. This means we support other artisans in the community, help grow other Nigerian businesses, and celebrate Nigerian culture and industry by using Made in Nigeria produce for our Made in Nigeria products.


We celebrate Nigerian culture by using traditional Nigerian produce in a lot of our recipes. This includes Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea butter, among others. Doing this, we also directly support the Nigerian industry and business owners. Through learning more about our people's traditional art, skincare, beauty and health routines, we are able to preserve our culture and help it live on in the most rewarding of ways. Without a doubt, there is a wealth of culture and tradition in Nigeria, and Oh Nine! Ninety embraces every opportunity it has to uphold and celebrate some of the best of it.


All Oil Palm related ingredients used in Oh Nine! Ninety products are sourced and sustainably produced locally in Cross River State, Nigeria. Nigeria was once upon a time the largest producer of Palm Oil and the very versatile Oil Palms and their by-products have been farmed and consumed locally by the people of Nigeria for generations unknown. In fact, most Palm Oil produced in Nigeria is consumed in Nigeria, as it is a staple in so many traditional Nigerian dishes.

An Oil Palm by-product that is used in large quantities in Oh Nine! Ninety products is Palm Kernel Oil. Palm Kernel Oil, is an extract from the kernel of the Oil Palm fruit; and it is revered locally for its multiple skin, hair and traditional medicine applications. At Oh Nine! Ninety, it is treasured by us most for its high moisturizing qualities, and its ability to produce very, VERY superior lather in soap.

You can use all our Oh Nine! products with a clear conscience, knowing that you definitely have no concerns about wanton deforestation and endangering orangutan habitat.


Our products are handmade in very small batches, with high amounts of luxury ingredients that you will not find in their more commercial counterparts.
Through this small scale production, we are able to create very unique, and artisan items that are personal to our buyers. You can be certain a lot of thought was put into the products you buy from us; and that somebody sat down to take the time to carefully handcraft it, making something uniquely skin-kind and wonderful just for you.